The Constitution not only grants equality to women, but also empowers the state to adopt measures of positive discrimination in favour of women. But unfortunately in our present society, Dowry, child marriage and women trafficking are three most vulnerable crimes against women and girls. Like the rest of the country in the Sundarban region also, all these incidents have become three most gigantic global problems putting into risk not only the issues of human rights but also human life in totality. 


Role of Digambarpur Angikar:


  • Securing rights of Women & GirlsDigambarpur Angikar had a long 12 years partnership with Action Aid Association, to establish a model of sustainable women & child rights at 204 vulnerable villages under 24 Gram Panchayat of 4 Blocks in South 24 Parganas District of West Bengal. Through this initiative, marginalized poor are getting regular MGNREGA job, defunct ICDS centers become functional, PDS made functional, poor mothers are covered under JSY, and actual needy beneficiaries are getting the benefit of Widow Pension, old age pension, Indira Awas Yogana, Ownership Land Patta, Kanyashree etc. Beneficiaries has formed a platform: Sundarban Jagaran Mahila Maha Sangha with active 3000 marginalized women, and this platform is maintaining the bridge between the service care givers and service takers and also taking the responsibility to continuation of securing basic rights for them and doing strong monitoring to stop different social evils, child marriage, trafficking and providing legal support to the victims.


  • Strengthening of Fisher Women Collectives in Sundarban region:

The purpose of the project is to enhance overall empowerment of fisher women including equip them with knowledge on rights and entitlements, developing their collectives and supporting them to pursue better livelihoods. 20 vibrant fisher women collectives incorporating 5000 fisher women in Sundarban region