We provide quality education to around 500 marginalise children of Sundarban region through running five pre and Upper primary school: Angikar KIshalay Niketan.

Education forms the foundation of any society. It is responsible for the economic, social and political growth and development of a society. The children of today are gearing up to become adult citizens tomorrow. The growth is parallel to the future of our country, reflected through quality of present education system.

Education is important to children because education helps children learn how to think critically, it enhance their creativity and imagination. Education explores them to new ideas and it helps child from the path to a career that they wish to pursue as an adult.


Role of Digambarpur Angikar to ensure quality education to the marginalised:


  • National Creche Scheme: Since 2007 in partnership with Social Welfare Department, GOI & W.B, Digambarpur Angikar is running four no crèches with total 100 marginalized socially excluded children of working mothers, aged 3+ to 6 years. These centres are based at rural part of costal island, South 24 Parganas District under Sundarban region. Poor children’s are here getting safety & care, pre-primary education, health & supplementary nutrition.


  • Pre Primary Education Support Centre: Since 2014 in partnership with Asha for Education, USA Digambarpur Angikar is running three Pre-Primary Education Centre at Canning, Ghutiary Sharif & Mallickpur of South 24 Parganas District. Presently a number of total 210 marginalized poor children’s from slum dwellers are providing basic education and supply cooked nutritious mid-day meal followed by regular health check up. All these children’s are first generation learners and enhancing the opportunity of social inclusion through education. Regular home visit and guardian meetings are two integral part of this education project.


  • Angikar Kishalay Niketan: Since 2003, Digambarpur Angikar is running a regular school named “Angikar Kishalay Niketan” for the school dropout and non school goers, 6+ to 14 years working children. Present student strength is: 172 from class I to VI standard.  Here students are providing all basic subject specific mainstream education with focus on life skill education. Total teachers strength is 6 and all are trained. Apart from regular education, quarterly Parent- Teacher meeting, personal hygienic sessions, Annual cultural events, Quarterly Examination, Co-Curricular activities all are integral component in this school. ASHA for Education, USA & Sitaram Jindal Foundation partly bear the expenses for purchasing education materials, School dress, Mid Day Meal and all recurring expenditures for the poor and needy students coming to this school. Every year 25 to 30 students has been promoted to higher standard and took admission in local Government aided formal schools.


  • Angikar Rural Library: Since 2003 a rural library is operating at this remote part of Sundarban region. A number of total 3390 different category Books are there with a number of total 576 numbers of readers at present.


  • Free Book Distribution Camp:  In partnership with Ramesh Shamdasani, Trustee, Shamdasani Foundation and other support agency, every year, Angikar   distribute free text books to the economically poor school going children in Sundarban region. Poor students as well as their guardians are being motivated to continue education and make their children’s dream comes true.